Radiation source system

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UNISCAN’s radiation source system is a device that generates X-ray images with high transmittance and small beam size, and is a very important device for obtaining clear images from container scanners. Customers can select dual energy (9/5 MeV) mode, high energy (9 MeV) mode, and low energy (5 MeV) mode. Radiation leakage is less than 0.002% by applying a triple shielding design, and it helps to obtain a clear image by effectively blocking unnecessary radiation using a three-level collimator. 117 operating parameters are automatically saved every 5 seconds in order to be used as reference for maintenance.

Detector system

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The detection system consists of dozens of CdWO4 detector modules and a data acquisition system. Its specifications and arrangement are designed to obtain optimal images in connection with the specifications of the radiation source and transfer device. Each detector module can be precisely positioned so that radiation is vertical, and maintains a constant temperature and humidity to provide an optimal image without being affected by environmental changes.

Transport system

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The transport system is a device that transports the container vehicle while the driver is off and passes the radiation zone at constant speed. It is designed to minimize vibration when driving at constant speed and to return to starting position at high speed immediately after scanning. The AGV type transport system is a unique solution made by UNISCAN that satisfies both driver safety and inspection efficiency.

Operation system

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The PLC-operated operating system organically connects the radiation source, detector, transfer system, shielding door, various safety devices, and radiation monitoring to adjust the container inspection system to operate efficiently and safely. It is designed to allow the operator to monitor operation status of the equipment in real time by displaying equipment operation status and scanned container images. Cargo information can be inquired by customer's EDI system in real-time.

Image system

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The image reading system displays images acquired from the detector on a monitor and provides various image processing functions to enable readers to read accurately and quickly. UNISCAN provides customized reading solutions that reflect the needs of users starting from the program design.

Materials discrimination

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UNISCAN’s unique material identification algorithm uses dual-energy X-rays to display various types of substances, such as organic and inorganic substances, in four levels of color, helping to make more accurate readings. By using real-time calibration phantom, it can be calibrated from time to time, so that material identification can be achieved without being affected by changes in the characteristics of the radiation source.