Magnifying the value of R&D

기술지식이 유니스캔을 만나면 가치가 극대화됩니다

UNISCAN’s R&D business platform connects technical knowledge with new products and services to create industrial value that promises advanced lifestyles and maximizes the value and passion of R&D in the scientific field. UNISCAN directly conducts commercialization processes that connect knowledge-based research and development technology to new products and services. UNISCAN will visualize the potential value of technological knowledge and connect it to economic benefits to increase lifestyle standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place by establishing an R&D business platform system that provides new solutions that are yet discovered by our world.



Provide a pathway to freely create and share new ideas to the world.


The profit generated by commercializing the technology is fairly shared with all its participants.

Expert in R&D Business

R&D 비지니스의 전문가

UNISCAN has established itself as a 'Value-Creating R&D Business' company that commercializes technologies based on the history of R&D at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and the experience of successfully commercializing domestic container search technology for the past 26 years. UNISCAN knows better than anyone else the value and benefits of commercializing knowledge-based technologies, the problems and responses in the process, and the realistic environment and concerns of researchers. UNISCAN will open its value so that users and researchers may receive economic returns for their commitment and efforts.

CEO 이병철