Global Coverage

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When your operation must be economical, compliant and above all effective, you need a proven company that is driven by innovation and backed by a global support network. The complete service of UNISCAN meet the most demanding security screening needs at airports, border crossings, railway stations, seaports, government & military installations and high-risk facilities around the world.

Total solution

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UNISCAN can provide optimal container inspection system solution that meets the needs of each customers by considering the cargo volume, operating conditions, financial and geographical conditions of the port. We also provide total solutions for construction and civil engineering, networks, and radiation safety in addition to container inspection equipments.

Speedy & effective maintenance service

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UNISCAN sets a three-level technical support system consisting of on-site engineers, regional managers, and head office supervisors to efficiently assist in maintenance. It maintains proper inventory for parts and a close cooperation system with parts suppliers so that they can respond quickly in case of failure. More than 100 real time equipment operation parameters are automatically stored on the server that can be monitored remotely. The Log Book function enables customers to monitor the performance degradation of the equipment in advance and quickly respond to failures. Regular (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually) inspections help your equipment to perform at its best always.

Customized development & service

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UNISCAN determines the customer's needs through detailed consultation with the customer from the equipment design stage to all stages of production and installation. Hardware and software, equipment operation scenarios, and various monitoring and safety devices are optimized according to customer needs and are designed for convenient and safe use.

Education & training

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UNISCAN provides systematic training for equipment operators, readers, and maintenance engineers, from basic understanding of equipment to radiation safety, actual equipment operation and reading, and maintenance training. We support the system to operate smoothly through repeated training through various training materials and manuals.